Quantum Elastin Dermal Regenerator 50ml

R 625.00

Quantum Elastin Dermal Regenerator – 50 ml & 12.5ml – Synthesized Elastin in a micromolecular form, combined with botanicals and proteins, helps firm and lift the skin. Beneficial to damaged and problem skins as well as scarred skins. Promotes re-elastisizing and thickening of the skin, so recommended for use over sensitive areas affected by broken capillaries. Has also been seen to help skin affected by eczema or psoriasis. May use am & pm under appropriate RégimA day and night products. Non-animal, synthesized elastin in a micro-molecular form is combined with an abundance of plant extracts, essential amino acids and powerful anti-oxidants, providing a complete synergy of powerful natural ingredients. This preparation is suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for problem skin, acne scarred skin, damaged, thinned or fragile skins. Directions for use: AM or PM: Cleanse with RégimA cleanser. Apply a thin layer of Quantum Elastin to the face. Allow for penetration prior to applying the appropriate RégimA day or night products over the top. In the case of skin in poor condition, apply a thin layer morning AND evening. Must be used in conjunction with other RégimA home care essentials. It is recommended that one layer with appropriate RégimA serums and creams to achieve ultimate synergy.



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