Night Renewal Ultimate Booster 50ml

R 459.00

Ultimate rejuvenating night cream combining highly concentrated natural fruity acids and powerful anti-ageing botanicals. May be combined with other RégimA night preparations, eg. over the top of serums and special area treatments. MUST be cleansed off in the morning. Revolutionary formula releases concentrated, naturally exfoliating, revitalizing malic and lactic acids, deeply penetrating moisturizers, pure Retinol (Vit A) plus an abundance of organic oils. With continued use, Night Renewal helps achieve a smoother, more elasticised, younger looking skin. One may experience pinkness of the skin for a few days initially. A RégimA daily sunscreen should be used when using AHAs. Directions for use: May tingle on application. PM: Cleanse with the desired RégimA cleanser. Apply eye products and serums, then apply a thin layer to the face, avoiding the eye area and neck. (Avoid broken capillaries). AM: This preparation must be neutralized in the morning by washing with RégimA cleanser. Follow with compatible RégimA preparations.



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