New Expression 365 20ml

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New-Expression Targets under eye area. Myorelaxor, helping relax muscles, focusing on expression wrinkles (aiding Botox effect). Anti-puffiness. Anti- dark circles. Expression lines result from the accumulated effect on the skin of movements constantly imposed by the subcutaneous muscles. Research has found a solution to attenuate these muscle contractions and help delay formation and deepening of wrinkles. This formulation helps target the mechanism responsible for the formation of expression lines which are most evident around the eyes. Plants with medicinal properties help to reduce the wrinkled appearance around the eye area. With continued use one will notice a visible smoothing of the complexion. 1. Myorelaxing activity dedicated to smoothing expression lines and crow’s feet, offering rapid and reversible muscle and nerve relaxing effects, for safe application in the under eye and crow’s feet area, where the use of injectable myorelaxors is restricted. Offers a 24 hour residual relaxing power. Has a cumulative effect. 2. Anti-Puffiness complex of medicinal plants provide the following properties: anti-oedemic, reducing excess fluid in the tissues, anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant. Helps reduce fragility and permeability of capillaries and aids vasoconstriction. 3. Anti-Dark Circles extracts including liquorice root, help to lighten and tone darkened under eye skin. Experience visible smoothing and relaxation of expression lines. Has a preventative as well as revitalizing action, helping delay the formation and deepening of expression wrinkles. Skin looks noticeably smoother and younger. Directions for use: SHAKE WELL before use. AM & PM: Cleanse with RégimA cleanser. Apply a small amount to the under eye, crows feet and between eyebrows on frown lines. Allow a minute before applying appropriate RégimA products over the top. Highly recommended for use in combination with the RégimA Radical Difference which would be used on the rest of the face every morning. DO NOT apply to upper eyelids. Because there is a cumulative effect, if applied twice daily one receives extra benefit.



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