Face-It Foundation – Natural 30ml

R 369.00

Face-It – Repairing, Anti-Ageing, Ultra-lite, Natural Plant Based Professional Foundation 30 ml A major culprit regarding blocked pores and whiteheads can be the foundation used. Most foundations use a white pigment (titanium dioxide) which also acts as a sunscreen – be very careful as in certain skins, especially oily skins or enlarged pores, it can block. For this reason RegimA formulated this more NATURAL foundation containing high concentrations of only the finest natural ingerdients with organic colour tincures. created with a plant base including centella asiatica, bulbinella, aloe leaf, calendula, rose seed combined with alge extracts, known for skin healing, anti-inflammatory activity, and stimulation of the circulation. Do not hide behind a face of make-up, the skin cannot breathe and the condition deteriorates. FACE-IT enhances the natural beauty of all skins, providing just enough cover, illuminating the skin. It has a light velvety texture which glides onto the skin, blending perfectly. Availible in Natural, Tan, Caramel, Ebony



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