Quantum Elastin Collagen Revival 50ml

R 647.00

Facial treatment stimulates your own body to produce healthy collagen as found in young skins. Helps fill in wrinkles in depth with resultant plumping. Rapid skin smoothing. Has been seen clinically to improve skin elasticity by up to 300% in only 7 days. With continued use one achieves a more youthful, elastisized skin. Collagen plays a major role in your appearance. New collagen is produced and recycled throughout life, but the amount of collagen in the skin declines with age. Collagen III is responsible for the softness, smoothness and flexibility of young skin. This is the key to a youthful, elasticized, smoother skin. RégimA Collagen III Booster’s penetrating active ingredients have a beneficial effect on skins with collagen degradation caused by UV radiation, environmental pollutants, smoking and ageing. Directions for use: AM & PM: Apply a thin layer of Collagen III Booster to the whole of the face, including under eye area (not upper eyelids). Allow a few minutes for penetration before layering other RégimA products over the top. Ideally combine Collagen III Booster with RégimA myorelaxing products to help plump out the skin giving a more youthful, elasticized appearance.



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